Top 10 T-Shirt Printing Companies in the USA

Top 10 T-Shirt Printing Companies USA 2024

Last updated on February 15th, 2024 at 03:24 pm

Are you searching for the perfect custom t-shirt printing company to bring your apparel ideas to life? You’ve come to the right place! Our comprehensive guide lists the top 10 t-shirt printing companies in the USA, each boasting advanced printing machines and unique services.

Through detailed research and firsthand experience in the custom apparel industry, we’ve identified these standout choices. Our selections range from quaint, local printers with specialized printing machines to large-scale, nationwide operations equipped with the latest in printing technology.

Whether you’re after exceptional quality, fast delivery, or cost-effective options, our top picks cater to every custom T-shirt printing need.

Top 10 T-shirt Printing Companies that Evaluated for Their Services, Quality, and Customer Feedback

Dive into our guide and find the ideal printing partner, complete with state-of-the-art printing machines, for your next custom apparel project!

1- Broken Arrow Wear

Broken Arrow Custom T-Shirt Printing companies and Embroidery, with over 30 years in the industry, stands out as a top choice for custom T-shirt printing. They offer a wide range of advanced printing techniques, including direct-to-garment digital printing, all-over printing, rhinestone embellishments, and sublimation.

Their exceptional service includes free custom design support from experienced artists, ensuring unique and personalized results for each customer. The company prides itself on efficient in-house production from a central U.S. location, enabling quick delivery and affordable pricing, like 100 Gildan Black T-Shirts for approximately $8.41 each.

Broken Arrow not only delivers high-quality products but also a tailored customer experience, making them a leading figure in the custom T-shirt printing market. Visit their website for more information and easy ordering.

Pros and Cons

Fast 8-business-day turnaround Weekend and late-night orders via website only
Free delivery
Exceptional quality
Competitive pricing
Extensive online catalog
User-friendly online design tool
Expert customer support
Free custom design services
24/7 website access

Why the Broken Arrow Wear is on first position

Broken Arrow Custom T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery is a top choice for anyone looking for quality, efficiency, and exceptional customer service. With their comprehensive range of services, experienced staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they offer an unmatched custom T-shirt printing experience.

2- Uber Prints

Custom TShirtsUberPrints has been a game-changer in the custom t-shirt printing companies, offering fast, easy, and convenient services for creating high-quality custom apparel. Renowned for their user-friendly online design studio, UberPrints enables customers to effortlessly design their own shirts, including unique options like pet apparel.

They excel in providing a 24/7 interactive design studio, allowing customers to create custom t-shirts online without visiting a print shop. Known for exceptional customer service, super fast delivery, and top-notch quality, UberPrints is a leading choice for those who value creative freedom in their apparel projects.

Their customer-centric approach, coupled with knowledgeable and friendly staff, ensures a satisfying experience. Additionally, most digitally printed apparel ships within 24 hours, backed by a money-back guarantee, showcasing their commitment to speedy service without sacrificing quality.

Pros and Cons

Good turnaround – items arrive approximately 8 business days after order placement Prices higher than Broken Arrow but lower than Custom Ink
Excellent quality Online designer required for all designs
Extensive online catalog, including pet apparel
User-friendly online designer
Easy online quotes

Why UberPrints is in Second Position

UberPrints holds the second position largely due to their slightly higher pricing compared to the top contender, Broken Arrow. While they offer excellent quality and a wider range of products, including pet apparel, their requirement for using an online designer and additional shipping costs for orders under $100 puts them just behind the top spot. However, their quick turnaround time (items typically ship in 5 to 10 business days) and the ease of designing custom shirts online make them a strong choice for many customers. A standard order of 100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print costs approximately $8.17 each, offering a competitive price point in the market.

3- Discount Mugs

Promotional ProductsDiscount Mugs has become a prominent name among T-shirt printing companies and suppliers of promotional products in the U.S. They specialize in creating impactful and lasting impressions for brands and special events, offering a diverse array of products such as apparel, drinkware, glassware, and office supplies, all at competitive prices.

Known for their extensive inventory and in-house printing capabilities, Discount Mugs has become a go-to source for small promotional items, including T-shirts. Their user-friendly D-lab design software allows customers to effortlessly customize a wide range of products. Operating from a large facility in South Florida,

Discount Mugs fosters a productive and diverse professional environment. Their commitment to innovation and customer service is evident in their range of safe, stylish products and a design approach that emphasizes honesty, integrity, and respect. As a leader in the T-shirt printing and promotional products industry, Discount Mugs stands out for its passion for simplicity and creativity, encouraging customers to engage in creating memorable promotional items that resonate with their audience.

Pros and Cons

Excellent quality Slower turnaround (at least 2 weeks)
Competitive prices Free shipping only on orders over $75
Extensive online catalog (mugs, pens, apparel, etc.)
Easy-to-use online pricing grid

Why Discount Mugs is in Third Position

Discount Mugs holds the third position primarily due to their slower turnaround time, taking about 2 weeks for delivery. While they offer excellent quality and competitive pricing (100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print at approximately $8.59 each), their free shipping on orders over only $75 and the extensive delivery time place them just behind the top two choices. Despite this, their vast range of products, including promotional items like mugs and pens, and an easy online pricing grid, make them a favored choice.

4- Custom link

CustomInk tshirt printing company Custom Ink, a leader among online T-shirt printing companies in the U.S., is renowned for its extensive marketing and as the pioneer of the “T-shirt design lab.” This platform, tailored for DIY enthusiasts, offers a broad array of clip art designs, enabling users to easily craft their own T-shirts.

Despite their higher pricing, which likely reflects their significant investment in marketing, Custom Ink stands out in the T-shirt printing industry, especially for those who relish creativity and autonomy in designing their shirts.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through features like live chat, extensive business hours, and a supportive staff. This approach positions Custom Ink as a preferred choice for customers seeking a hands-on experience in T-shirt design within the realm of online T-shirt printing companies.

Pros and Cons

Free delivery Higher prices than competitors like Broken Arrow
Excellent quality Slower turnaround (at least 2 weeks)
Huge online catalog Mandatory use of online designer
User-friendly online designer
24/7 website access and order placement
Open late nights and weekends

Why Custom Ink is in Fourth Position

Custom Ink holds the fourth position primarily due to their higher pricing and slower turnaround time. While they offer a 100 Gildan Black T-Shirt order with a three-color print at approximately $11.34 each, this cost is steeper compared to others like Broken Arrow. Despite their expansive catalog and the convenience of 24/7 website access and order placement, their position is affected by the necessity for customers to use the online designer and manage the design process themselves. Their all-inclusive pricing and customer-friendly features, however, do make them a popular choice for those seeking the DIY approach in T-shirt T-shirt printing companies.

5- Custom link

CafePressTShirts Café Press, a standout among T-shirt printing companies in the on-demand market, is particularly suited for small orders with its high-quality services. Offering a unique platform, they allow customers to choose from a diverse catalog of pre-designed tees by freelance artists or create their own designs, supporting artists through royalties.

While not ideal for bulk orders due to higher prices and no free shipping, Café Press is perfect for those seeking small quantities or unique, artist-created apparel from T-shirt printing companies. Their mission to foster human connections is evident in their expansive range of products, encouraging self-expression through a variety of designs from their online marketplace.

This approach, coupled with their commitment to excellent customer service, positions Café Press as an ideal choice for customers looking to express their individuality and support creativity in the print-on-demand T-shirt market.

Pros and Cons

Excellent quality Higher prices
Wide online catalog Shipping costs increase with order size
Ideal for small orders (one or two T-shirts) Assistance largely limited to online resources
Great selection of pre-designed T-shirts
Decent turnaround (about 11-12 days)

Why Café Press is in Fifth Position

Café Press holds the fifth position primarily due to its higher pricing structure and shipping costs. While they excel in small orders and print-on-demand services, their approach is less favorable for large bulk orders, with a price of approximately $22 for 100 Gildan Black T-shirt printing companies with a three-color print. This pricing model, combined with their unique offering of pre-designed tees and the ability to support artists, makes them an excellent choice for customers looking for unique or small-scale orders rather than bulk purchases.


6- Spread Shirt

Customizable Spreadshirt DesignsSpreadshirt distinguishes itself among T-shirt printing companies with its unique array of pre-made, customizable artsy designs. As a standout in the T-shirt printing industry, they offer good quality products and a vast online catalog, including not just apparel but also items like phone cases.

This T-shirt printing company’s platform connects customers to an online artist community, allowing for the creation of fun, funky graphics that are different from what other T-shirt printing companies offer.

Their online design tool is ideal for those seeking a personal touch, providing access to creative, customizable options from a global artist community. Spreadshirt, surpassing many T-shirt printing companies, caters to a wide range of clients, from emerging YouTube stars to large corporations, ensuring that each design, whether it’s on T-shirts, sweaters, bags, or aprons, is realized with top-quality prints and services.

This approach makes Spreadshirt a go-to among T-shirt printing companies for those looking to add a unique flair to their garments with images and custom text.

Pros and Cons

Good quality Turnaround time varies, usually around two weeks
Large online catalog with diverse products Shipping costs increase with the order size
Unique, customizable artwork from artists

Why Spreadshirt is in Sixth Position

Spread shirt takes the sixth position mainly due to its variable turnaround time and additional shipping costs. While a standard order of 100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print costs approximately $20 each, the cost can fluctuate based on design and artist selection. Though they excel in offering customizable options from a diverse artist community, their niche doesn’t seem to include custom artwork for company logos or bulk orders. However, for those looking to modify an existing artist’s design on a single tee or a small order, Spreadshirt offers an engaging and creative platform.

7- Spread Shirt

Rush Order TeesRush Order Tees, a notable name among T-shirt printing companies, ranks seventh for its ability to provide simple, straightforward T-shirt orders efficiently. This T-shirt printing company is recognized for its good quality and wide-ranging online catalog, coupled with a speedy standard turnaround time of just 8 days from order placement.

As a Pennsylvania-based T-shirt printing company, they offer inclusive pricing and ship orders across the U.S., ensuring reliable and quick service. Ideal for customers seeking a hassle-free approach to T-shirt printing, Rush Order Tees’ efficient process, free shipping, and ease of use with their online design tools position them favorably in the competitive landscape of T-shirt printing companies.

Although they may not have the quickest west coast delivery compared to some T-shirt printing companies like Broken Arrow, their all-encompassing pricing and variety of printing options make them a solid choice for those in need of standard and quality T-shirt printing services.

Pros and Cons 

Good quality Mandatory use of online designer
Wide online catalog
Free Shipping

Why Rush Order Tees is in Seventh Position

Rush Order Tees holds the seventh position in the market mainly due to the requirement for customers to use their online designer. While they provide an all-inclusive price quote, similar to Custom Ink, with 100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print costing approximately $11.05 each, the limitation in design assistance might be a drawback for some customers. Despite this, their offerings of standard screen-printing, embroidery, and sublimation heat transfer options cater to a variety of needs, although they do not offer embellishments like rhinestones.

8- Design A Shirt

custom printing T-shirt Design A Shirt, ranked eighth among T-shirt printing companies, caters perfectly to those not particular about shirt brands. This T-shirt printing company offers the “DAS Value” Tee, a unique option where they source various brands to provide the best deals, positioning them as a cost-effective choice within the T-shirt printing market.

They are recognized for their good quality and extensive online catalog, ensuring a hassle-free experience with easy online quoting and free shipping, all within a standard 10-day turnaround time. As one of the adaptable T-shirt printing companies, Design A Shirt is ideal for customers who value cost-effectiveness over brand specificity, offering a straightforward service model that includes clear delivery details.

This approach, coupled with their emphasis on value, makes them a standout among T-shirt printing companies for those seeking simplicity and affordability in their custom T-shirt printing endeavors.

Pros and Cons

Good quality Mandatory use of online designer
Comprehensive online catalog
Easy online quoting system
Free Shipping

Why Design A Shirt is in Eighth Position

Design A Shirt occupies the eighth spot primarily due to its unique approach to providing value T-shirts. While this flexibility in brands allows them to offer 100 Basic Black T-Shirts with a three-color print at an approximate cost of $9 each, it may not appeal to those particular about specific brands or styles. The website’s clear layout of delivery dates and pricing, including potential costs for faster delivery, is a plus for customers needing timely information. However, their higher quality shirts tend to be more expensive than other printers, so customers looking for premium options might find better deals elsewhere.

9- Tee Spring

SpringTShirtDesignsTee Spring, now rebranded as Spring, holds the ninth position among T-shirt printing companies, particularly appealing to those interested in selling their own T-shirt designs online. Unlike typical T-shirt printing companies, Spring’s business model is centered around creating a marketplace,

where individual designers can sell and print their unique designs, offering a distinct platform within the T-shirt printing industry. Although they don’t provide specific bulk order pricing, such as for 100 Gildan Black T-Shirts with a three-color print, their focus is more on facilitating a space for artists rather than on large-scale custom T-shirt printing.

This approach makes Spring, similar to platforms like Café Press, a valuable resource for freelance artists and designers who aim to sell their T-shirt designs online without the complexities of inventory management. Customers benefit from a diverse selection of pre-designed tees and the ability to create their own, marking Spring as a versatile and innovative player among online T-shirt printing companies.

Pros and Cons

Good quality Shipping costs $3.99 for the first item, $2 for each additional
Diverse online catalog (includes phone cases, socks, mugs)
Variety of pre-made designs

Why Tee Spring is in Ninth Position

Tee Spring holds the ninth position largely because it caters more to individual designers and small-scale sales rather than bulk custom T-shirt orders. Their platform is ideal for those who wish to have an online catalog of their designs and earn profits from sales. However, for companies, teams, or events looking to order custom T-shirts in larger quantities, Tee Spring might not be the best fit due to their business model and additional shipping costs for multiple items.

10- Tee Spring

Vistaprint TShirt PrintingVistaprint, a renowned name in online retail, holds the tenth position among T-shirt printing companies, primarily known for their high-quality paper products like business cards and stationery. While their expertise in paper products is well-established, their venture into the T-shirt printing,

Realm delivers decent quality and a reasonable selection of clipart, making them a viable choice for basic T-shirt printing needs. However, Vistaprint’s T-shirt design tool, despite being functional, lacks the advanced features found in tools offered by more specialized T-shirt printing companies.

This makes them more suited for customers seeking straightforward T-shirt designs or those primarily interested in stationary and other paper products. Although Vistaprint can accommodate basic T-shirt printing requirements, they may not fully meet the expectations of those seeking highly customized T-shirt designs or specific brands, as offered by dedicated T-shirt printing companies.

Pros and Cons

Good quality prints Long wait times for customer assistance
Extensive catalog, especially for paper products Mandatory use of online designer
Difficult to get quotes
Unknown brand or style until delivery

Why Vistaprint is in Tenth Position

Vistaprint occupies the tenth spot among T-shirt printing companies as it’s more suited for paper products rather than custom T-shirt designs. While they provide good quality T-shirt prints at approximately $14.69 each plus shipping for 100 Basic Black T-shirts with a three-color print, their service is less tailored for custom T-shirt orders. The process of getting a quote can be challenging, and customers won’t know the exact brand or style of the shirt until it arrives. Additionally, the checkout process is often lengthy due to numerous special offers, and customers may experience long hold times for assistance.

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