10 Best DTG Printing Near Me To Buy From

10 Best DTG Printing Near Me (Reviewed 2023)

If you find the best DTG printing services, PrintingNearby can help you find them. We have put together a guide to the top businesses in the industry, including Custom DTG Printing, Yes We Print, and Print Renegades. Each option has unique advantages and considerations, such as advanced techniques and pricing.

Our overview is concise yet comprehensive, making it easy to find the perfect DTG printing service that meets your specific needs and preferences. PrintingNearby offers quality and convenience in direct-to-garment printing so that you can find your ideal printing partner.

Top 10 Picks For Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing

These top picks showcase an incredible blend of artistry and craftsmanship. Let’s explore the thread of excellence woven by these stores and discover why they are the ultimate go-to destinations for all your garment’s DTG printing needs.

1- Custom DTG Printing

Custom DTG Printing shop near me

Custom DTG Printing has risen as a leader in DTG printing, acclaimed for its meticulous process and high-quality results. At the forefront of direct-to-garment printing shops, Custom Direct-to-garment Printing specializes in direct-to-garment printing. Renowned for their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, they’re a favored choice for those searching for DTG screen printing solutions. They excel in transforming creative designs into vibrant, lasting prints, leveraging the latest direct-to-garment printing technology.

Pros and Cons

Advanced DTG Printing TechniquesPremium Pricing for High-Quality Prints
Wide Range of Customization OptionsLimited Selection in Specialty Fabrics
High-Quality, Durable Prints
Quick Turnaround and Efficient Service

Why Custom DTG Printing Tops My List

Custom DTG Printing secures the top spot for direct-to-garment printing due to its state-of-the-art Direct Garment techniques and exceptional customer service. Their commitment to producing top-notch, durable prints swiftly sets them apart. While they command a higher price for their premium services, their quality and customization options justify the cost. Custom direct-to-garment Printing is an unparalleled choice for personal and professional direct-to-garment printing.

2- Yes We Print

Yes we print custom DTG Printing shop

Yes We Print has firmly established itself as a player in the direct-to-garment printing industry, earning the second rank on our list. Specializing in the Direct To Garment (DTG) printing process, Yes We Print is not just another direct-to-garment printing shop; it’s a hub of innovation and quality. Located conveniently for those seeking DTG screen printing, they offer various services, including custom embroidery. Their commitment to excellence in every print and design makes them ideal for personalized direct-to-garment printing and Embroidery needs.

Pros and Cons

Cutting-Edge DTG Printing TechniquesLimited Global Shipping Options
Custom Embroidery ServicePremium Pricing for Specialized Services
Diverse Customization Options
High Standards of Quality and Durability

Why Yes We Print is Second On My List

Yes We Print is second in direct-to-garment printing due to its advanced direct-to-ment printing capabilities and additional services like custom embroidery. Their focus on delivering high-quality, durable prints and a wide array of customization options makes them a top contender. While their specialized services come at a premium, their quality and attention to detail are unmatched, making them a go-to direct-to-garment printing shop for those who value excellence.

3- Print Renegades

Print Renegades DTG printing shop in USA

Print Renegades has redefined the standards of direct-to-garment printing with its comprehensive range of services and commitment to quality. Since 2008, Print Renegades has been a beacon of excellence in the direct-to-garment printing world. Based in Los Angeles, this direct-to-garment printing shop offers more than just direct-to-garment services; they provide various options, including screen printing, Vinyl T-shirt printing, and more. Known for their meticulous process and artistic approach, they are an ideal choice for those searching for DTG printing solutions.

Pros and Cons

Wide Array of Services: DTG, screen printing, embroidery, and more.Premium Pricing for Specialized Services
Personalized Service: A dedicated team ensures client satisfaction.Limited Global Reach for Localized Service
High-Quality Standards: Focus on quality over quantity.
Personalized Service: Dedicated team ensuring client satisfaction.

Why Print Renegades is Third on My List

Print Renegades earns its third spot for their diverse range of direct-to-garment printing and related services. Their artistic and personalized approach to each project sets them apart. While their pricing reflects the premium quality and care they invest in each job, their focus on delivering high-standard work and their range of services, including custom embroidery, make them a standout direct-to-garment printing shop. This dedication to quality and client satisfaction makes Print Renegades more than just a provider of direct-to-garment printing; they are a creative partner for your printing needs.

4- DTLA Print

DTLA Print has redefined the DTG printing landscape. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this direct-to-garment printing shop stands out for its direct-to-garment printing process and its range of services, including screen printing, embroidery, and custom-dyed merchandise. They’re known for their innovative approach to direct-to-garment printing and commitment to bringing unique designs to life.

Dtla Print Direct to garment shop

Pros and Cons

Innovative direct-to-garment Printing ProcessPremium Pricing for Advanced Services
Wide Range of Services Including 3D Printer CNC MachinesAppointment-Only Showroom Limits Walk-ins
Customization and Personalized Service
International Shipping for Global Reach

Why DTLA Print is Fourth on My List

DTLA Print earns its fourth spot for its comprehensive approach to DTG printing, offering everything from DTG screen printing to custom embroidery and innovative 3D printer CNC machine. Their dedication to quality and broad customization options set them apart. While their high-end services come at a premium, their commitment to reliable quality, international shipping capabilities, and personalized attention to each project make them a distinguished DTG printing shop for those seeking custom and innovative printing solutions.

5- Garment Decor

Garment Decor is a versatile DTG printing shop, offering more than just Direct To Garment printing. They cater to various custom apparel and promotional product needs, making them a favored choice for DTG printing solutions. Their ability to place your logo on virtually anything from pens to shirts has made them a popular destination for businesses and organizations looking to leave a lasting impression.

garment decor DTG printing store

Pros and Cons

Wide Selection of Customizable ProductsPremium Prices for Extensive Customization
Versatile Services, Including DTG PrintingLimited Specialized DTG Options
High-Quality Printing and Apparel Options
Dedicated to Crafting Memorable Impressions

Why Garment Decor is Fifth on My List

Garment Decor secures its fifth rank for its diverse range of services in the DTG printing sector. Their commitment to high-quality DTG printing and customized promotional products sets them apart. Although their extensive customization options might come at a premium, their quality and variety make them an ideal DTG printing shop for those seeking versatile and impactful promotional items. With Garment Decor, it’s not just about printing; it’s about creating lasting brand impressions.

6- French Press Custom


French Press Custom claims the sixth position in our list, standing out for its exceptional silkscreen, embroidery, and DTG printing services. At French Press Custom, the fusion of craftsmanship and modern technology in the DTG printing process is evident. As a versatile DTG printing shop, they provide high-quality Direct Garment printing services that resonate with businesses, schools, and sports teams. Their collaboration with top brands for customizable apparel underlines their commitment to comfort, style, and durability in custom apparel.

Pros and Cons

Wide Range of Services: Silkscreen, embroidery, and DTG printing.Specialty Services May Incur Higher Costs
Collaboration with Leading Brands for Quality Apparel.Limited Specialized Options in DTG Printing
Expert Creative Services for Unique Designs.
Strong Focus on Client Satisfaction and Quality.

Why French Press Custom is Sixth on My List

French Press Custom earns its place as the sixth-ranked DTG printing provider for its blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern DTG printing techniques. Their collaboration with renowned brands for quality apparel options and their expert creative services make them a distinguished ‘DTG printing shop.’ While their specialized services might come with higher costs, their dedication to quality and client satisfaction makes them a go-to choice for those seeking premium ‘Direct To Garment’ printing and custom embroidery solutions.

7- T’s Tees

Direct To Germens printing store

T’s Teesla, a notable DTG printing shop, excels in the Direct To Garment printing process. Their services cater to various clients, making them a popular choice for ‘DTG screen printing near me.’ Known for their precision and quality, they provide various DTG printing options for different needs.

Pros and Cons

Advanced DTG Printing ProcessLimited Selection in Specialty Garments
High-Quality, Durable PrintsPremium Pricing for Advanced DTG Services
Expertise in Custom DTG Solutions
Convenient for Local ‘DTG Printing Near Me’ Searches

Why T’s Teesla is Seventh on My List

t’s Tees is my seventh choice for DTG printing due to their advanced Direct Garment techniques and commitment to producing high-quality prints. They stand out as a DTG printing shop that delivers quality and customization, though their specialized services might come at a higher cost. Their ability to meet diverse DTG printing needs makes them a reliable choice for those looking for quality ‘DTG printing Solutions.

8- Tekton LA

Tekton LA Direct to garment printing shop near me

Tekton LA redefines the Direct To Garment (DTG) printing process by integrating cutting-edge digital printing and blockchain technology. This DTG printing shop is not just about printing apparel; it’s about empowering artists and entrepreneurs through a decentralized mobile app marketplace. Their commitment to personalized clothing, art, and print-on-demand services, coupled with sustainable practices, makes them an innovative choice for ‘DTG screen printing near me.

Pros and Cons

Innovative DTG Printing with Digital TechnologyNiche Focus May Limit Broader Apparel Options
Next Day Turnaround and Impeccable QualityPremium Pricing for Advanced Technology
Environmentally Conscious Printing Process
Blockchain Integration for Security and Transparency

Why Tekton LA is Eighth on My List

Tekton LA secures its eighth rank for its innovative approach to DTG printing. By marrying digital printing with blockchain, they offer quality Direct To Garment services and ensure security and efficiency. Their commitment to minimal environmental impact and quick turnaround times make them a standout DTG printing shop. While their niche focus and advanced technology might come at a premium, their unique offerings make them a top choice for those seeking a futuristic and secure ‘DTG printing near me.

9- Ninja Stitch

Ninja Stitch direct printing shop in USA

NinjaStitch, based in Los Angeles, California, is more than just a DTG printing shop. They excel in bringing logos and designs to life through their Direct To Garment printing process. With over 25 years in the printing industry, NinjaStitch offers a comprehensive range of services, including screen printing, embroidery, and various promotional items. Their dedication to detail and passion for perfection make them a go-to destination for DTG screen printing near me, especially for businesses seeking effective branding solutions.

Pros and Cons

Extensive Experience in DTG and Screen PrintingLimited Specialized Options in Niche Markets
Wide Range of Services Beyond DTG PrintingPremium Pricing for High-Quality Services
Access to Top Clothing Brands for Customization
Fast and Efficient Service Delivery

Why NinjaStitch is Ninth on My List

NinjaStitch earns its ninth rank for its comprehensive DTG printing and customization services. Their experience in the industry and access to top clothing brands for DTG printing allows them to cater to a wide array of needs, from T-shirt printing to promotional items. Their fast and effective service and commitment to quality make them an ideal choice for those looking for DTG printing near me. While they may have premium pricing, their value, and versatility in DTG printing and branding services justify their position on our list.

10- Family Industries

DTG Printing Near Me

Founded 2008 in Los Angeles, California, Family Industries has grown from a small-scale operation to a premier DTG printing shop. Their journey began with screen printing in a tiny back carriage house and has since evolved to include Direct To Garment printing, among other services. Their story is of perseverance and passion, making them a unique choice for DTG screen printing needs.

Pros and Cons

Limited to the Los Angeles AreaLimited to Los Angeles Area
High Volume Capacity: Up to 7,000 shirts/dayStart-Up Spirit May Not Suit All Businesses
Personalized Customer Service
Unique Background in Design and Marketing

Why Family Industries is Tenth on My List

Family Industries secures the tenth position for their remarkable growth and dedication to DTG printing. Their ability to handle large volumes while maintaining quality, combined with their personalized approach to customer service, sets them apart. Situated near the historic North Spring Street Bridge, they offer a hands-on experience that brings their clients into their ‘family.’ Although their location is specific to Los Angeles, and their start-up spirit might not align with every business’s needs, their commitment to making ‘DTG printing’ a profitable and enjoyable experience is undeniable.


Looking for the perfect DTG printing shop that caters to your specific needs? Look no further than PrintingNearby – your ultimate guide to the top 10 options in the industry. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, these shops offer a range of services, quality, and pricing to meet your every requirement. From high-quality, speedy services to innovative and eco-friendly solutions, you’ll easily find your ideal printing partner.

For personalized advice and detailed information or to address any specific queries, contact PrintingNearby. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the DTG printing landscape and ensure your project’s success—contact PrintingNearby for expert guidance and support in all your DTG printing endeavors.

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